Hi Traders,

As you can see from the videos on 2x skype group.




We are already 2.5% up on our £1,000 account that we started on Monday 23rd April.
We outlined the options before, and they are:
1) Access - Via the investor password follow the account and get the videos, highlighting the orders and take profit areas. See a real account and how it can be grown.
2) Access & Education - In addition to option 1, receive 2 hours group education per week via webinars. 1 hour Sunday night with a view on the week to come, and 1 hour Tuesday night with an update on the markets. This would also of course include ongoing education on how we trade to make consistent profits.
3) Ultimate – includes options 1 & 2 plus an hour per month one to one webinar with our traders to review your accounts and offer personalised education.

Fees are due at the beginning of each month.

We hope you can join us on our profit journey.

Happy Trading

Team Chipp

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